Psalm 6

For the Conductor of the Eternal Symphony,

on an eight-stringed instrument,

a psalm of David.

God, in your anger, do not rebuke me;

in your wrath do not punish me more than I can bear.

Be gentle, my Physician, for I am feeble.

Heal me, for my bones shudder with terror.

My soul multiplies terrors—

and you, God, how long must I wait?

Turn toward me, my Protector;

provide my soul means of escape.

Save me in keeping with your kindness.

For there is no memory of you in death.

In the pit of the underworld who will praise you in grateful psalm?

I am worn out by my groans.

Every night, I drench my bed with fevered sweat.

I melt my sickbed with tears of supplication.

My eye is devoured by grief,

grown old from all my wars with suffering.

Turn from me, all implements of sorrow.

God has already heard the sound of my lament.

God has heard my plea; God will take inward my prayer.

All my obstructers will be humbled, stricken with terror.

My enemies will face themselves and instantly fall to their knees.

Psalm 23

A psalm of David.

God is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack.

You lay me down in lush meadows.

You guide me toward tranquil waters,

reviving my soul.

You lead me down paths of righteousness

for that is your way.

And when I walk though the valley, overshadowed by death,

I will fear no harm, for you are with me.

Your rod and staff—they comfort me.

You spread a table before me

in face of my greatest fears.

You drench my head with oil;

my cup overflows the brim.

Surely goodness and kindness

will accompany me all the days of my life

and I will dwell in the house of the Holy

for the length of my days.


Psalm 103

By David.

Be wild, O my soul, for the Source of Wonder;

let all my insides praise the Holy Name.

Be wild, O my soul, for the Source of Wonder;

don’t let me forget all your kindness and help.

The one who forgives all my wrongs,

who heals me from sickness,

who rescues my life from the abyss--

who wraps me around with love and devotion,

who satiates my mouth with delight,

renewing my youth like an eagle’s.

You make harmony,

bringing justice to all the oppressed.

You made your ways known to Moses,

your works to all the children of Israel.

You are compassionate, generous beyond limit,

quieting anger, abounding in love.

You do not hold on to a quarrel forever,

will not remember our faults for all time.

You do not requite us according to our errors,

do not demand from us in proportion to our wrongs.

For just as heavens tower above the earth,

so is your love upon those who hold you in awe.

Just as the eastern horizon is far removed from the west,

so does the Creator distance us from transgression.

Just as a mother has compassion for her child,

so do you have compassion

for those who hold you in awe.

For you know our inclinations

and remember that we are dust.

Mortals—our days are like grass.

Like a field that sprouts up, so do we blossom.

Like a wind that passes over the plant until it weakens and is gone,

so is the place where we stood remembered no longer.

But your love lasts from eternity until eternity

settling upon those who hold you in awe.

Your righteousness continues toward our children’s children,

to those who uphold your covenant with love;

those who remember your attention to our suffering

in order to learn from your acts.

You established a throne in the sky;

your guidance can be found everywhere we look.

Let the angels bless the Source of Life,

the mighty fulfill the heavenly word;

let them listen to the message of your tongue.

Let all the heavenly array praise you,

holy servants performing your will.

Let all creation praise you,

each plot of land declare your providence.

Be wild, O my  soul, for the Source of Wonder.


Pamela Greenberg reading from

The Complete Psalms: The Book of
Prayer Songs in a New Translation